M’lis BUFF
M’lis BUFF

M’lis BUFF


Mlis Buff Helps To:

• Remove dead cells
• Dilate capillaries which enables nutrients to get to the cells
• Stimulate the metabolism of the skin
• Activate the body CONTOUR cream

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M’lis BUFF body exfoliator is an amazing enzymatic exfoliator. Papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin and round pumice crystals physically exfoliate.  This formula is unique and unlike sea salt it does not cut or damage the skin’s surface.  This gentle exfoliant softens the skin and delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Concentrated Formula Contains:

• Aloe Vera:  Works as an antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal which helps to calm, heal and soothe the skin. Also acts as a vehicle to drive other ingredients deeper into the skin.
• Rounded Pumice (volcanic origin): A physical exfoliant used to remove dead skin cells
• Beta Glucan: Stimulates formation of collagen
• Papain: Live papaya enzymes act as a gentle exfoliant which help to dissolve dead skin cells and  encourage deeper penetration for additional products
• Geranium Extract: Works as an astringent while aiding in cell regeneration
• Cypress Sage Extract: Has antiseptic and astringent properties helping to soothe the skin

Suggested Use*:  Apply to the body three times weekly with or without water.  May be applied to dry skin before showering, rubbing in circular motion from feet to shoulders, or use on wet skin in the shower for less intensity.


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